Lisowczycy, horse trails

horse expeditions

Are we civilized? No, we aren’t.

We have been organizing the horse excursions since 1994. At the beginning only in Poland, but of each year we are becoming more and more audacious. Our troops reached Zbruch river in 2005. In 2012 special forces unit have appeared in the Caucasus mountains. Again, after almost four hundred years of break lisowczycy have become a fright of Europe.

Where we prevail?

Our environment are steppes, mountains, swamps. Gene­rally wherever wild, dangerous and well trained horse under the saddle. Four hundred years ago the germs of our formations were being sown at the swamps of Livionia; nowdays it happened on the lakes of Drawsko Landscape Park in Poland. Lisowski’s cossacks reached combat maturity – so in the 17th century as in 20th century – in Ukraine. The most experienced squadrons are reaching steep slopes of the Caucasus.

When we go to inroads?

Recruitment to the 10-person squadrons has been going. Comrades, enlist in! Ukraine, Georgia — at the following links you could find dates of encounters, amount of salaries for servants, regiments rules.